How to Simplify Your Weekly Plans


Learn how a 30 minute weekly meeting with yourself can

Strengthen your walk with God


Simplify your planning calendar,

so you can get more done while keeping God and family top prioritiy! 

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Some days,

does it feel like your To Do List is just a pipe dream ?

You have more to get done

than there are days in a week! 

Some days,

Do you wish that you could spend more quality time with God and your family ?

You are a busy Christian who enjoys getting things done,

but not at the expense of your relationships!


many times you feel overwhelmed by

trying to fit everything in your planner each week! 

Do you find yourself wanting a 


to plan your week ?



You are not alone!

I was right there with you

until I discovered

a Weekly Planning Tip that transformed my Christian life !!!

Let Me Share It With YOU!


Simplfy Your Weekly Plans

in Less than 30 Minutes

each Week! 

With my "How to Simplify Your Weekly Plans" Mini-Course which includes my Review Preview  GUIDE and Checklist 

In this Quick online course learn how to meet with yourself to

>> Evaluate your weekly productivity

>> Sync all your calendars and lists

>> Lay out a simple weekly plan

>> Pray specific Scriptures to keep you focused

All in ONLY 30 MINUTES each WEEK!!!

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Listen friend,

I know that you have a heart to get things done in a simple way that helps you keep a balanced Christian life.

God transformed me from a corporate work-a-holic to a Christian wife, mom, and entrepreneur who stays productive while enjoying life with God & my family!  

I enjoy being a Christian Planning and Productivity Coach who teaches other Christians how to plan with God to create "enjoyable productivity" in their lives!

Let's kick the habit of being overwhelmed with planning and productivity together!

I believe in you and the plans God has for you! 



Let me mentor you...

"...I never thought about taking the time to meet with myself; to reflect and plan my week with God. This tool has been so valuable to me!"

Wife, Mom, & Wellness Coach

"When I don't meet with myself I can feel it throughout the rest of my week. It has helped me so much!" 

Wife, Mom, Business Owner
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