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Mentoring Christian leaders with simple planning tools so they can "Go After" the plans that God has for them while keeping God and family top priority!

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Are YOU a Christian Leader 

Go-Getter ?

         >> You are a hard working leader in business, ministry, or an organization

             >> You want to fulfill the plans God has for you

             >> You get a lot done but want to keep God & family top priority 

Be mentored monthly on how to apply my


to "Go After" home and office goals, projects, and organization

while keeping God and family top priority! 

Are you ready to "Go After" the plans that God has for you? 

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Listen friend,

I know that you want to “Go After” the plans that God has for you, but you have seen too many families fall apart because of unbalanced ambition.

That was me - As a corporate restaurant supervisor for Applebee's International, opening thirty-two stores, to an internal productivity consultant for Krispy Kreme and teaching planning and retention classes for Cracker Barrel's training department I was chasing after my dreams in a way that did not always prioritize God or my family. While my motivation was good and my home and office were organized, clean, and productive my relationships took a back seat to getting everything done. 

I had almost convinced myself that you cannot do both - fulfill the dreams in your heart and have great relationships - BUT GOD knew better and showed me how to “Go After” home and office goals, projects, and orgnanization in a way that created “enjoyable productivity” in my life with God and my family. 

I learned how to take complicated planning and productivity and apply simple approaches that created real results allowing me to get more done in less time.

I was able to write a book, co-found a home school tutorial, produce videos for our church, launch a podcast, and start my own online coaching business all while growing my relationship with God and my family. 

Let me share with you my over 20 years of experience in business, ministry, and organizational planning that includes my  3 Step approach to “Go After” God’s plans for your life. I believe in you and the plans that God has for you - let me show you how simple it can be!  

From one Go-Getter to another...

Let's Go For It Together!


In this group I will teach you my 3 Steps that you need to "Go After" the plans that God has for you and your family - all with the support of a community who GETS you too!


>> Learn simple ways to pray along with monthly themed Scriptures and 2 LIVE group prayers each month to cover you!


>> Weekly accountability and encouragement on how to use my guide and checklist for syncing all your calendars and lists into one primary planner!



>> Each month be challenged to "Go After" a NEW home, office, or personal growth goal along with a monthly video tutorial and a simple to use printable workbook.


> > Bonus Teaching...


GO LIVE with me each Wednesday 

for ongoing teaching, Q&A sessions, and even some guest appearances!


As a LEADER in your Home and Office - planning and productivity does not have to be complicated :)

Always remember that the plans that God has for you include fulfilling God-given dreams while enjoying life with your family! 

Ready to Go For IT?

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