Planners, To Do Lists, and Chores

Can Overwhelm our Christian lives, but

ONE meeting

can change everything! 

Let me give you a tool that will help you

transform stressful weekly planning


"enjoyable productivity!"

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As my Special Guest You have access to...

My #1 Productivity Tip!


Get ready to...

>> Simplify your weekly planning

>> Sync your calendars, lists, and notes and 

>> Generate a Weekly Plan with God! 

Guide & Checklist Includes:

~ Weekly Meeting 3 Step Checklist with Full Guide

~ Planning Scripture List to Speak Over Yourself Each Week

~ 4 Weeks of Accountability Emails to Inspire You to Action 


No matter who you are or what you do 

"Review Preview" 

can propel you into a place of 

"enjoyable productivity"...


Ashley Merrill

CEO & Founder of Mama Merrill's Herbal Formulas

"I use Review Preview weekly, and when I forget I notice it so much. I go back and do it and my week goes better!"

Rachel Pope

Mrs Nashville & Wellness Coach 

"I love Review Preview! It helps me generate a plan with God each week for my life and business."

Hello, I am Amber

I was a productive corporate dream chaser who fell short of being fulfilled until I learned how to be productive towards the dreams God had for me.

Years ago, I had the opportunity to interview a Vice President of a highly successful company, who was also my boss. I asked him what was one thing that had helped him be successful.

He did not hesitate -

"I meet with myself every week before my work week begins". 

I took that principle and later gave it to God who helped me design a power packed - life transforming - weekly meeting with myself I call...

"Review Preview!"

My passion is to help you implement it in your life so you can fulfill God's weekly plans for you too! 

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I am ready

to start meeting with myself weekly! 

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