The bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast

The bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast

Hosted by: Amber Davis

The bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast with Amber Davis gives inspiration for intentional Christians who are going after the plans that God has for them. Encouraging stories and simple planning tips from Amber and other...

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#23 Episode "Name the Day! - Make Doing Chores Easier for Home & Office

Today’s episode  is for Melissa and for all of the other “go-getters” out there! Melissa is a soccer mom who helps a soccer organization in her community.  But beyond her volunteer time in her community Melissa also...
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#22 "Learn My #1 Approach to Getting ALL Things Done!"

Episode #22

We can overcomplicate what we need to accomplish.  Either we over do it or under do it. Either way it becomes complicated because we add or subtract from the very thing we are trying to complete.  You know what I...
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#21 Episode "Do These FIVE Things to Finish What You Start!" with Download

Starting something new is exciting - whether it be a new year, new job, new project, or a new habit. But new becomes old very quickly if we do not refresh ourselves throughout the process. As Christians, this must...
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#20 Episode "Why Meeting with Yourself is My #1 Productivity Tip"

Are you ready for a fresh start; a clean slate; a new beginning? There is no better time than right now to fulfill the plans that God has for you.But you might be thinking - "Amber, I am ready, but I do not know where...
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#19 Episode "Planning Scriptures to Inspire You!" SPECIAL Episode :)

Episode #19

Today is a special episode to inspire you through God’s Word.As Christians, we all want to fulfill the plans that God has for us, but sometimes we get distracted, discouraged, or demotivated.So today I want to inspire...
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#18 Episode "Sow to Grow" with Guests Greg and Wa'Lisa Smith

Episode #18

How do I fulfill the plans that God has for me?First -  checkout Episode #15 Episode "Develop These 6 Abilities to Launch Any Project"(LINK BELOW)But after you have discovered what you were made to do - I hear this...
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#17 Episode "Break Through 5 Obstacles to Fulfill a God-given Dream!"

Episode #17

As Christians we want to fulfill the plans that God has for us right? Then what prevents us from jumping into those plans? I have learned how to…Break Through 5 Obstacles to Fulfill a God-Given Dream. Today let’s...
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#16 Episode "6 Thank-FULL Refreshments" - w/Launch Announcement!

Episode #16

Thanksgiving is one day but THANKSGIVING is also an ability that God gives us to fulfill a God-given dream or Passion Project. So, today I wanted to share…6 Thank-FULL Refreshments Represent - As Christians we honor...
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#15 Episode "Develop These 6 Abilities to Launch Any Project"

Episode #15

I have a question for you? Are you WILLING to finally launch into that "Passion Project"? You know that book that you always have wanted to write or that business that you have always wanted to launch or that room...
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#14 Episode "How to Pinpoint a Passion Project" with Download

Are you passionate? Let me tell you,  I am super passionate about today’s topic, because no matter how much passion you have or I have without direction we will not fulfill the plans that God has for us.  BUT with...
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#13 Episode "3 Steps to Get You Stirred Up!" with Printable Tool

Episode #13

This podcast is a little different today -  Normally, I follow a production clipboard - I sit down each month and plan out all the podcasts for several weeks - which helps me schedule recordings in advance, so that I...
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#12 Episode "Never Give Up!" with Guest Alicia Fleming

Episode #12

Today we are going to “get up all in of our business” - because we are going to talk about those projects that we know that we need to work on, but life keeps getting in the way. The truth is that life will always get...
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