#24 Episode "Stay Productive so You Can Do MORE of What you Love!"

Episode #24

Do you want to stay productive? That is an interesting question, because if you see productivity as a HAVE to - a way in which you HAVE to get things done at HOME or WORK then staying productive does not seem like something that you want to spend time learning how to do more of. 

But as a Christian if you look at your productivity as a way to maximize your time so that you can spend time with the people you care about and fulfill the plans God has for you - then staying productive will be something that you love to do - I call this kind of productivity - “enjoyable productivity!” - it is encouraging, energizing, and helps you get things done! 

The best fuel for any productivity and especially for “enjoyable productivity” is to...
Know your WHY!
Let me break WHY down into 3 categories

  1. WHY for tasks & chores 
  • What is a task vs a chore
  • Link It Twice - Ask yourself twice  “Why?” 
      2. WHY for projects and big assignments

  • What is a project or big assignment
  • Link it Three Times - Ask yourself three times - “Why?”
     3.   WHY for Passion Projects or God-given dreams

  • What is a Passion Project or God-given dream
  • Link it As Many Times As it takes to Get to your core Why?
In all three of these scenarios someone or multiple people should pop up.
Because ultimately, as a Christian whatever you do should bless someone 
Examples... Vacuuming the house; working on a proposal, doing your homework, paying bills, starting that business that you always dreamed of; - PEOPLE are blessed. 

So, once you know WHY you are doing whatever it is that you are doing - you are... 

  1. More apt to keep doing it.
  2. Enjoy doing it more
  3. You see the connection that people have to whatever it is that you are doing!
Working from home, schooling from home, living from home - Does your HOME & OFFICE  feel like one BIG PROJECT - ALL at the same time? At the end of the day do you wish you had more peace and time for more  important things in your life - like your relationship with God and your family

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