#25 Episode "How to Do What You Love to Do!" with Special Guests Emily Mercer & Van Hickman

Episode #25

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner today I wanted to encourage you to...
Do What You Love! 
- So, what do you love to do? 
For me I love it when my family are all in one room with no media on and we are laughing, mostly because of my husband, while we tell stories or share jokes together.  I also love writing in my journal - it is so relaxing to me - after my Bible time, almost every morning, you can find me in my chair, in my bedroom, typing up a journal entry as I sip my hot tea. I also love to kick the soccer ball around with our aussiedoodle Tux - which is most certainly what He loves to do.

Recently, I asked two of my  friends to share what they love to do and how they continue to do what they love.

Emily Mercer is a Biblical Counselor and longer time lover of prayer.
Van Hickman is a comedian and annoucner who developed a love for voice over work.

Both Emily and Van share inspirational and practical tips on how they continue to do what they love to do.

Key points to take away from this episode...
When it comes to doing what you love remember to:

~ Keep what you love fresh! 

~ Overtime, grow what you love to do!

~ Honor your uniqueness!

So that you can continue to Do What You Love! 

Doing what we love is made easier when we create “enjoyable productivity” in our lives. I love helping Christians spend more time doing what they love with the people they love - one way that I do this is through an approach I call...
“Make Your ALL Small”...
Working from home, schooling from home, living from home
- Does your HOME & OFFICE  feel like one BIG PROJECT - ALL at the same time?
- At the end of the day do you wish you had more peace and time for more  important things in your life - like your relationship with God and your family?

Make Your ALL Small - Get Organized  Mini-Course - online 4 week mini-course 
Learn how to...

  • Create white-space at the bottom of your email inboxes
  • Conquer cabinet organization in a matter of minutes
  • Create filing systems that buy back office space and time
  • Includes downloadable tools like my Name the Day! Display cards that help you remember what to focus on including Scriptures that bring peace in your place. 

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