#26 Episode "3 Ways to Do Projects with Those You Love and Still Like Each Other!"

Let’s get real. 

"When you and your loved ones work on a project do you end up
not liking the people that you love?"

As Christians we are supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves - including our family and friends. bENCOURAGEd Today because I am going to share…

But before we get into these three ways you will first learn...

~ What “enjoyable productivity” is and how to create it in your life

~ What is the difference between a project and chore/task

~ Two different Projects 

  1. Passion Projects
  2. Petite Projects

~ Two typical approaches people take towards a Petite Project

One of the biggest ways to create “enjoyable productivity” in your home and office space is to get other people involved in fulfilling projects - in the right way.

Here are...

3 Ways to Do Projects with Those You Love and Still Like Each Other!

  1. Set Timers - it is important to take breaks, have milestone victories, and be able to move on to other responsibilities 
  2. Give Rewards - we all need rewards to keep us motivated; even Jesus used rewards for his disciples
  3. People Over Projects - remember that when the project is over you will still have relationships with the people who helped you

By applying these THREE WAYS to how you approach projects you will...
 be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled
~ bENCOURAGEd Today!

Creating "enjoyable productivity" in your life can be applied with a "little" approach I call...
“Make Your ALL Small”...
Working from home, schooling from home, living from home
- Does your HOME & OFFICE  feel like one BIG PROJECT - ALL at the same time?
- At the end of the day do you wish you had more peace and time for more  important things in your life - like your relationship with God and your family?
This is whay I created the Make Your ALL Small - Get Organized  Mini-Course 
- online 4 week mini-course 
Learn how to...

  • Create white-space at the bottom of your email inboxes
  • Conquer cabinet organization in a matter of minutes
  • Create filing systems that buy back office space and time
  • Includes downloadable tools like my Name the Day! Display cards that help you remember what to focus on including Scriptures that bring peace in your place. 

This course is only offered at certain times of the year - Join my email list to learn when it is offered by downloading your first FREEBIE...
#1 Productivity Tip FREE Downloadable Meet with Yourself Guide & Checklist

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