#27 Episode "4 Tips on Weekly Plan with God"

"Have you ever followed the wrong person?"
bENCOURAGEd Today with a funny true story from my life that I use to explain...

4 Tips on Weekly Planning with God

In this Episode you will learn how to...
1.)  Invite God into your weekly plans
2.)  Allow God to interupt your plans in a way that keeps you focused and encouraged
3.)  Follow God to complete the plans that He has for you each week
4.)  Fulfill the plans God has for you, which is better than anything you could have planned on your own.

But HOW do I apply these 4 Tips consistently?
I am so glad that you asked...
Learn how to meet with yourself at the beginning of your week to apply these 4 Tips with...
>> A simple 3 step weekly process
>> A prepared list of planning Scriptures to speak over yourself
>> A printable easy to use checklist
Download my...
#1 Productivity Tip - How to Meet with Yourself Guide & Checklist

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