#30 Episode "Make a Place in Your Space" with Guest Shelly Massey

Is your place productive? 

And what I mean by productive is a term I call “enjoyable productivity!” 

This would describe a place where you truly enjoy getting things done. 

When you wake up each morning do you have that special place where you pray to start your day that is so inviting that it draws you in? 

When you go into your office area - either at work or at home - do you feel refreshed, energized, and ready to get to work on the things God has called you to do? 

When your kids or you are ramping up for that zoom call for school, work, or to connect with friends or family do you already have that set spot or are you scrambling to find the right place away from laundry, dishes, or harsh shadows that make you look like the scariest version of yourself?  

Then this episode is for you - because today Shelly Massey, owner of Simply Clean Homes joins me as we share how to “Make a Place in Your Space” creating productive places for prayer, office, and zoom life . 

For a great resource for creating "enjoyable productivity" in your life...

The Make Your ALL Small - Get Organized  4 week Course 

Learn how to...

1st Week:  Create a Biblical & Practical Vision Board

2nd Week: Organize closets, drawers, cabinets, and more! 

3rd Week: Declutter emails and files with an 8 step Cheat Sheet

4th Week: Use printable cards to replace nagging with chore completion

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Connect with Guest Shelly Massey...

Simply Clean Homes

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