#32 Episode "My Top 10 Productivity Tips for On-the-Go!" (Part 1)

This episode is so FULL of tips that I had to break it up into TWO EPISODES!

The other day I was going to a meeting and some ladies were asking me about some of my productivity tips. I started thinking that it might make for a good episode to share some productivity tips that help me create “enjoyable productivity! in my life.

First, what is “enjoyable productivity!”....
This is a phrase that God put on my heart to explain how to be a producitive Christian without losing your patience, postivitiy, and your people.
God wants us to fulfill the plans that He has for us - which takes productivity - but He also wants us to do it while enjoying our lives with the people that we love the most - included our relationship with Him.

In this episode I share my Top 10 Tips for Productivity On-the-Go!
Listen in while I explain 4 of the 10 in detail, which include...

#10 - Keep a Mini Trash Can in Your Vehicle 

#9 - Use a Cloth Pencil Case 

#8 - Stage Gifts and Donations in Your Trunk 

#7 - Keep a small Bible in Your Bag

Next week I will share the rest of my Top 10 Tips for Productivity  On-the-Go!
Beyond these tips one of the resources that I designed is a course called 
The Make Your ALL Small - Get Organized  4 week Course

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