Christians...Let's GO For It!

There is no better time than NOW for you to LAUNCH into a PASSION PROJECT!  

Fulfilling God-given dreams begins ONE at a time! 

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   What is a PASSION PROJECT? 

Those projects that you dream about but have not yet moved on like...

Writing a book, starting a business, a home renovation, on the job idea proposals , learning guitar, building a house, starting a school, making a movie, producing an album, landscaping, beginning a ministry, or something even more amazing!

God has placed at least one God-given dream or PASSION PROJECT on the inside of you! 

So what is stopping you from fulfilling it?






So let's start tackling each one of these together...


Motivation - 

We do what we see - put something in front of you to inspire you!

Confidence - 

Identify what you are good at and do more of it!

Resources - 

Short cuts help you with the details that make a difference!

Time - 

Spend it wisely - search less by choosing 1-3 mentors!


Learn to Launch!

In LESS than TWO WEEKS I will help you...

1.) Identify your strengths

2.) Funnel your passion

3.) Develop your abilities

Get ready to align...

Motivation, Confidence, Resources, and Time

All to bless you to...

be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled

~ bENCOURAGEd Today! 


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