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Are you ready to

passionately launch into a hobby,

business, or a ministry project?

There is no better time than NOW for you to LAUNCH into a PASSION PROJECT !  

But  WHAT  Passion Project  should you go after ? 


   What is a PASSION PROJECT? 

Those projects that you dream about but have not yet moved on like...

Writing a book, starting a business, a home renovation, on the job idea proposals , learning guitar, building a house, starting a school, making a movie, producing an album, landscaping, beginning a ministry, or something even more amazing!

God has placed at least one God-given dream or PASSION PROJECT on the inside of you! 

So what is stopping you from fulfilling it?






So let's start tackling each one of these together...


Motivation - 

We do what we see - put something in front of you to inspire you!

Confidence - 

Identify what you are good at and do more of it!

Resources - 

Short cuts help you with the details that make a difference!

Time - 

Spend it wisely - search less by choosing 1-3 mentors!


I am READY!!!

Learn to Launch!

In LESS than TWO WEEKS I will help you...

1.) Identify your strengths

2.) Funnel your passion

3.) Launch into a Passion Project!!!

Get ready to align...

Motivation, Confidence, Resources, and Time

All to bless you to...

be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled

~ bENCOURAGEd Today! 


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