#5 Episode: "I Do Not Plan!" with Download link


Downloadable Guide & Checklist - LINK Below

Okay, all you have to do is watch the news for a few minutes to know that this world has some big challenges.

You might be facing...

~Some big questions that need answers;

~Some big problems that need solutions;

~Some big decisions that need planning;

I do not have all of the answers or the solutions but I can help you with planning.

I want to introduce you to a new perspective on planning.

You already saw the title of this episode and I am sure that you are wondering how that is possible.

Downloadable Guide & Checklist - LINK Below

So first let’s say it together…



Yes! - You might be thinking that a productivity coach telling you not to plan is like an admiral telling his officers to put screen doors on their submarines, but it actually is not as ironic as you may think.

Let me explain by starting with a few definitions:

*Plan: a method for achieving an end

A plan is...

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#4 Episode: "3 Tips on To Do Lists"

Are your To Do Lists overwhelming you?

Stay with me, because on today’s episode I am going to give you…

3 Tips on To Do Lists
that you can immediately apply for real results!

But first,
this week’s encouragement comes from a LIVE video on the
bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast Community Facebook Group where I shared tips from my... “Review Preview Meet with Yourself Guide & Checklist”

Ashley shared - “This week has felt chaotic all because I didn't take that 30 minutes to generate the plan! For our fam, we hit the ground running Monday so I have found Sunday evenings are PRIME for meeting with myself to review & preview and I even add it to my calendar on my phone so I don't forget. Hope this helps you!”

Ashley - You get it! It is not about adding something extra to your week
Review Preview - my #1 Productivity Tip, is to help you launch into your week with God so that you do not feel chaotic and you do fulfill the plans that God has...
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#2 Episode: "3 Thoughts to Launch into a Productive Season" includes resource links


Okay, so let’s begin today’s podcast with some encouragement!

This week’s encouragement comes from a LIVE video on the bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast Community Facebook Group where I shared tips on how to “Purge to be Productive”.

Today’s encouragement comes from Holly - who shared -

"I so needed this about doing things in "little bites." The purge/productivity has really been on my mind. Our environments are so important...and clutter creates stress. My office also doubles as Clara's playroom. I am in the middle of purge, as well as painting the house to make it a more "cheerful/motivating" environment. Great message!"

As I read Holly’s comment I knew that I wanted to dive further into this concept of “Purge to be Productive” - Thank you Holly for your comment and we are going to get to this subject today!

Today we are going to think on…

“3 Thoughts to Launch into a Productive Season” so that you can...

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#1 Episode: “My #1 Productivity Tip” - includes a FREE Downloadable Guide & Checklist

This is it! My first episode of bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast - where I share productivity tips to help you fulfill the plans God has for you! 

Scroll to the bottom of this post to listen! 

In this episode I share…

  • How I developed my passion for productivity and organization
  • My career in training and organizational development
  • How I was transformed from a work-a-holic to fulling God’s plans in my life
  • My #1 Productivity Tip! 

I also share 2 Bonus Productivity Tips…

  1. Do not underestimate being productive right where you are! - I give a practical example of how I applied this principle, working my way up through the restaurant industry, to become the youngest traveling training supervisor for a multi-million dollar restaurant chain
  2. Always be ready with at least one productive question that you can ask someone who knows more about where you want to be!  I share how being ready with my one question changed my life and eventually led me to my #1...
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