#14 Episode: "How to Pinpoint a Passion Project" with FREE Download

Are you passionate?
Let me tell you, I am super passionate about today’s topic, because no matter how much passion you have or I have without direction we will not fulfill the plans that God has for us.
BUT with passion moving forward in the right direction - oh my goodness...
Christians, you will be unstoppable to fulfill the plans God has for you!
So let’s get into today’s topic…

How to Pinpoint a Passion Project?

1. Identify Your Strengths - Checkout Episode #13 “3 Steps to Get Stirred Up!” (Link Below)
2. Funnel those Strengths to ONE Passion Project (or God-given dream)

How do you FUNNEL those strengths ?

Let’s talk about what we know to be true -

~ God gives us gifts and talents
~ God gives us abilities "Means" 2 Corinthians 8:11-12
Today let's go over the ability...

FORWARD THINKING...ask yourself:
"What is the dream and what is the point of that dream (or Passion Project) ? "
Answer this question with 3 Rs...
Respect - Ask God for help to...

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#13 Episode: "3 Steps to Get You Stirred Up!" with NEW Download



This podcast is a little different today - Normally, I follow a production clipboard - I sit down each month and plan out all the podcasts for several weeks - which helps me schedule recordings in advance, so that I can produce resources and balance my workload - But as today got closer I kept pausing that production schedule - because I wanted to share some timely encouragement.

  • Address election challenges, feeling discouraged, or really just frozen
  • You did what you could - now focus on your house - the plans God has for you

So what CAN you do to bENCOURAGEd to fulfill the plans God has for you?
Here are...

3 Steps to Get Stirred Up!...

  1. Get around an encouraging environment - You just heard about bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast Community Facebook Group -
  2. Identify your Strengths
    What do people like about you? - Ask and make a list of 5 character strengths
    What are you good at? - Make a list of 5 gifts strengths
    Look on these Strengths regularly and I am going to give you...
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#12 Episode: "Never Give Up!" with Guest Alicia Fleming

Today we are going to “get up all in of our business”
- because we are going to talk about those projects that we know that we need to work on, but life keeps getting in the way.
The truth is that life will always get in the way.
And although we might need to pause a project we should never give up on it.
Today I have a special guest who I know will inspire you - she inspires me!
If anyone had a reason to quit a dream project it would be my friend...

Alicia Fleming who is a published writer and entrepreneur, but life really pressed in to try and stop her from fulfilling her God-given dreams - specifically her dream to publish her writings.

On today's episode Alicia shares...

~ Her dream to be a published author
~ The obstacles she faced including, car crashes, depression, cancer, and time
~ How she overcame these obstacles to fulfill her dream and publish mulitple works
Alicia did not allow life to stop her from pursuing her God-given dreams! 
Her story can...
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#10 Episode: "Review Preview Recap" includes Download


On today's episode I  recap...
Review Preview - my #1 Productivity Tip!
Learn where it came from, what it does, and how you can apply it effectively in your life! 

  • A brief history of Review Preview  - how I learned how to meet with myself weekly

           Bonus tip - Interview your boss, minister, or organization leader - always be ready with at least one question that you can ask so that you can gain knowledge from those who mentor you. 

  • What Review Preview Does 

         - It allows you to stop planning and begin to Generate a Plan - which helps you fulfill the plans that God has for you.
          - It consolidates a 30-45 minute weekly meeting with yourself that reviews your previous week inlight of Scriptures and God's plans for your life and previews your upcoming week as you sync your To Do List, Thank You List, and calendar/planner 

  • How You Can...
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#9 Episode "Top Tips to be Inspired" includes GIVEAWAY details

Let’s talk about inspiration today!

1. How can inspiration practically help you fulfill the plans that God has for you?

Before we can answer this question we must first answer this one...What is the value of inspiration?
~ Inspiration gives us tangible examples of what we can accomplish
~ Inspiration lets us know that as a human it is possible!

2. How can you make sure that you will be Inspired on a regular basis?

Let me Give you Two Thoughts on Thank You Lists

1. Apply My 3 Tips on To Do Lists
1.) Make ONE; 2.) Take it with You! 3.) Don't Undervalue it!
Reference EPISODE #4

2. Measure it, So You Can Treasure it!

“Reflect upon your present blessings, of which every man has plenty; not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” ~Charles Dickens

Blessing Book!

~Get an inexpensive journal notebook
~Write the MONTH at the top of the page
~Each Thursday - try doing in the morning
~Using bullet points - Make a list of blessings that people have given to you -...

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#8 "Balancing Productivity" with Guest Jen Howat

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2020

GIVEAWAY Announcement!!!!! -(See details at the end of notes)

Do you ever feel like you are running from project to project?

You say yes to so many good projects that you have automatically forfeited balance in your life -even good projects or good things can prevent balance in our lives.


Do you find yourself not producing anything because you are producing everything?

If you answered yes to any of these questions get ready to bENCOURAGEd Today because our guest makes it her ministry to help people - especially women - get “unstuck” from being overwhelmed and create healthy rhythms and boundaries in their lives.

Today, Jen Howat, founder of Women in Ministry United, shares…

~~ Why she pursued ministry
~~ Top 3 Reasons women become burned out in ministry or any area of leadership
~ ~ Two of her top tips for how to balance productivity in life

Resources to connect with Jen Howat…

“Giving Up Normal Podcast”

Women in Ministry United on...

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#7 Episode: "Give Yourself a High FIVE!" with GIVEAWAY details

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

I am super excited to jump into our topic today which is all about encouragement.

Let me share one of the most important things that can help you fulfill the plans that God has for you! Today let’s bring it back to this basic principle…

bENCOURAGEd - with my High FIVE principle...

High FIVE - Friendly, Inspiring, Valuable, Encouragement


~ Friendly - SMILE (we can do this with our eyes - even wearing a mask)

~ Inspiring - Listen to what people are into and look for ways to connect them to things that help them develop their passion

~ Valuable - Tell people that you believe in them - Stop and speak to people in your life

~ Encouragement - Live your life looking for opportunities to encourage

What about Me? - Actually there is something to this!

This is why I chose the brand bENCOURAGEd Today

How do you encourage yourself?

~ With Words of Encouragement
~ Gifts of Encouragement
~ System to Receive Encouragement…
~ Be intentional about scheduling...

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#6 Episode: "Streamline Your Passion!" with Guest Rachel Pope

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Jack of all trades, but a master of none?”

While it is important to be able to adapt to situations, projects, and responsibilities the more that we streamline our lives the more we can experience what I call...
“enjoyable productivity”!

We all have different gifts and talents as well as strengths, but what happens when we are able to maximize our strengths in a way that we flex them in multiple areas of our lives?

What happens is “enjoyable productivity!”

My guest today has done just that - by streamlining passion!
- she identified her passion and pursues it in many if not all of the areas of her life.

being crowned Mrs. Nashville

On this episode Rachel Pope,and I discuss how to “Streamline Your Passion”

Because no matter what your passion is or what your strengths may be when you streamline your passion it helps you to...
be Inspired, be Productive, be Fulfilled ~...

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#5 Episode: "I Do Not Plan!" with Download link


Downloadable Guide & Checklist - LINK Below

Okay, all you have to do is watch the news for a few minutes to know that this world has some big challenges.

You might be facing...

~Some big questions that need answers;

~Some big problems that need solutions;

~Some big decisions that need planning;

I do not have all of the answers or the solutions but I can help you with planning.

I want to introduce you to a new perspective on planning.

You already saw the title of this episode and I am sure that you are wondering how that is possible.

Downloadable Guide & Checklist - LINK Below

So first let’s say it together…



Yes! - You might be thinking that a productivity coach telling you not to plan is like an admiral telling his officers to put screen doors on their submarines, but it actually is not as ironic as you may think.

Let me explain by starting with a few definitions:

*Plan: a method for achieving an end

A plan is...

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#4 Episode: "3 Tips on To Do Lists"

Are your To Do Lists overwhelming you?

Stay with me, because on today’s episode I am going to give you…

3 Tips on To Do Lists
that you can immediately apply for real results!

But first,
this week’s encouragement comes from a LIVE video on the
bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast Community Facebook Group where I shared tips from my... “Review Preview Meet with Yourself Guide & Checklist”

Ashley shared - “This week has felt chaotic all because I didn't take that 30 minutes to generate the plan! For our fam, we hit the ground running Monday so I have found Sunday evenings are PRIME for meeting with myself to review & preview and I even add it to my calendar on my phone so I don't forget. Hope this helps you!”

Ashley - You get it! It is not about adding something extra to your week
Review Preview - my #1 Productivity Tip, is to help you launch into your week with God so that you do not feel chaotic and you do fulfill the plans that God has...
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