#1 Episode: “My #1 Productivity Tip” - includes a FREE Downloadable Guide & Checklist

This is it! My first episode of bENCOURAGEd Today Podcast - where I share productivity tips to help you fulfill the plans God has for you! 

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In this episode I share…

  • How I developed my passion for productivity and organization
  • My career in training and organizational development
  • How I was transformed from a work-a-holic to fulling God’s plans in my life
  • My #1 Productivity Tip! 

I also share 2 Bonus Productivity Tips…

  1. Do not underestimate being productive right where you are! - I give a practical example of how I applied this principle, working my way up through the restaurant industry, to become the youngest traveling training supervisor for a multi-million dollar restaurant chain
  2. Always be ready with at least one productive question that you can ask someone who knows more about where you want to be!  I share how being ready with my one question changed my life and eventually led me to my #1 Productivity Tip. 
  • Make this question count - It should not just be, “How are you today?” This question should be important to your passion. It should be a question that if you had a few minutes with someone who really inspires you - you would ask them this question so that you could grow to your next level
  • Be ready, because you never know when this kind of opportunity will present itself. Write it down or memorize it so you will be ready to ask it when the time comes

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Does this describe you?...

Are you overwhelmed by all the projects in your life and as a Christian your desire is to fulfill the plans that God  has for  you?  

Do you look around the house at all the messes and you feel like you are playing clean-up all the time instead of fulfilling your God-given dreams?  

Are you a Christian entrepreneur in business or ministry who is trying to balance work and family and know that this should be more enjoyable  because God put this dream on your heart? 

Wherever you are in your Christian life you want to fulfill God’s plans that He has for you and I want to help you - with my #1 Productivity Tip:  

Review Preview Meet with Yourself Guide & Checklist to fulfill God’s plans for your life.  

This productivity Guide gives you a 3 step approach on how to meet with yourself each week so that you can create “enjoyable productivity” in your life. 

Click here to download my...

Review Preview Meet with Yourself Guide & Checklist 

Enjoy more resources at www.bencouragetoday.com and get ready to


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