#22 Episode: "Make Your ALL Small - My #1 Approach to Getting ALL Things Done!"


We can overcomplicate what we need to accomplish. - Either we over do it or under do it. Either way it becomes complicated because we add or subtract from the very thing we are trying to complete. You know what I mean...

Remember that time when the garage needed cleaned? We all do - whether it was a garage, vehicle, office - pick a space. And more than likely it went one of these two ways:

1. Make your all STALL… You went to open the door to the garage and thought, “Where do I begin?” So you started moving things around, looked in boxes, looked at your watch, and said things like, “Who really needs a place to park their car? The car does not pay its’ portion of the mortgage. It does not deserve a roof.” The decision had been made - to live with the garage the way that it was, because it could STALL until another day.

2. Make your all TALL… You decided this was your next project, so you called a meeting with your family, the neighbor, a co-worker, and your dog. You laid out the plan of action, divided up the tasks, and rallied the troops. You led your team to the garage and began digging through boxes where you found old photos. You started looking through those stacks of photos, remembering days gone by. Five hours later your team was gone and the dog was whimpering for his supper. You brought the photos inside to sort, making that your new project. The decision had been made to live with the garage the way that it was, because it was too TALL to tackle today.

Many things in our lives, even beyond the garage, can become so overwhelming to tackle because we think we must do it ALL at once. We begin to think that if we can not “eat” ALL of it now, then we should not even take the first bite.

Here are some examples:

If I cannot detail clean the bathroom what is the point of wiping down the sink?

If I cannot organize my entire office why even begin purging files?

If I cannot have my website up and linked to every online bell and whistle how could I think of opening my business.

This “ALL or nothing” mindset stops us from getting started on almost everything. But does it have to?

What if we change how we think about the word “ALL”?

What if “ALL” became small? "

"Make Your ALL Small"

- is much more than a play on words. It is a powerful perspective to increase productivity and pleasure. Be Inspired to Make Your ALL Small so you can be Productive and be Fulfilled allowing you to bENCOURAGEd Today!

Learn how to create "enjoyable productivity" in your life by applying this simple approach to getting "ALL" things done!

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