#20 Episode "Why Meeting with Yourself is My #1 Productivity Tip" with Download

Are you ready for a fresh start; a clean slate; a new beginning?
There is no better time than right now to fulfill the plans that God has for you.
But you might be thinking -
"Amber, I am ready, but I do not know where to begin."
"Amber, I am concerned that I will begin something, but not finish it."
Well, either way - bENCOURAGEd Today!
Because today I am sharing with you about my #1 Productivity Tip!!
I call it Review Preview - and it is all about meeting with yourself with God so that you can begin to fulfill the plans that God has for you!

Why is meeting with yourself my #1 Productivity Tip?
Here are 3 reasons...

1. Because someone needs you - to fuflfill the plans that God has for you because it will help her/him fulfill the plans God has for her/him too! - You are someone's inspiration!!!

2. Because setting goals do not fulfill goals - Just like setting a tea cup next to a tea pot does not make your tea for you. You must have regular accountabililty to fulfill your goals

3. Because planning alone does not work - I mean this figuratively and literally. Planning all by ITSELF does not work and planning all by YOURSELF does not work either - if you truly want to fulfill the plans that God has for you you must have accountability with plans and you must invite God in during your planning sessions.

Learn my 3 STEP approach to meeting with yourself for 30-45 minutes each week so you can Generate a Plan with God.

Here is how to begin to apply this tip in your life today...
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>>First, download my Review Preview Meet with Yourself Guide and Checklist
>>Next , listen to Episode #10 "Review Preview Recap"
>>Then, listen to Episode #5 "I Do Not Plan!"

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