#17 Episode: "Break Through 5 Obstacles to Fulfill a God-given Dream!" with FREE Downloads

As Christians we want to fulfill the plans that God has for us - right?
Then what prevents us from jumping into those plans?

I have learned how to…
Break Through 5 Obstacles to Fulfill a God-Given Dream. 

Today let’s knock down these obstacles one by one so you can get those God-given dreams off of the ground!!!

1. Doubt/Fear - “F.E.A.R” - False Evidence Appearing Real - When doubt comes do these 3 things -
1.) Speak words of faith
2.) Remind yourself that EVERYONE experiences regular doubts
3.) Take Action on something towards fulfilling that dream

2. Time - Learn to Prioritize your time so you will Prioritize your Passion!

3. Energy - Eating right, sleeping well, and life balance gives you energy to keep moving forward

4. Money - repurpose what you have until you can purchase what you want

5. Approach - Knowing what your next step helps you...

1.) Track - like a train - no matter what is going on around you will keep moving forward
2.) Traverse - when Doubt, Time, Energy, or Money issues come along you will be able to traverse them because you are focused on your next step
3.) Travel - move toward each next step traveling to your ultimate destination
This is why I create all the resources at bENCOURAGEd Today.com
- to help you apply an approach that works!
You are not alone!
Let me help you launch ONE God-given dream or Passion Project so that you can apply an approach over and over taking multiple dreams to FLIGHT...
FLIGHT Training Course (FTC)
An online 7 week video FLIGHT book study on how to launch a God-given dream well.
This course includes...

~ Copy of my book FLIGHT
~ Video tutorial book study of each chapter with author (Amber Davis - that is me:)
~ Weekly study guide assignments
~ "Bring it to the Hangar" mind mapping activity
~ Accountable emails with bonus instructions and encouragement
~ Downloadable checklists
~ A private members only social media group
and more!!!
CLICK HERE to learn more about pre-launch discounts and open enrollment dates!

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