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Start here with my #1 Planning Tip! Grow in your walk with God and get more done each week with this Mini-Course! Let me teach you a Simple 3 Step approach to simplify your weekly planning. This course includes my Signature Guide & Checklist!

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In my 4 week self-paced get organized course I teach you how to create a Vision Board and give you challenges that help you break organizing up into "Little Bites" that free you up from overwhelming home and office projects - so you can spend more time with God and family! 

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Get ready to "Go For It!" as I take you through my book FLIGHT ! This course has helped writers, entreprenuers, ministers, and others take one idea and launch it in a repeatable way! This is my signature 7-Week self-paced book study that begins by identifying one "Plassion Project". Isn't it time you launch that idea God has on your heart? 

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I love the way Amber teaches how to take any dream and

break it down Biblically into manageable, yet exciting steps.

~Ashley Merrill,
Owner of Mama Merrill's Herbal Formulas
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Amber's encouragement has kept me focused and making progress.

Her tip to pick a theme for each day eliminates the overwhelm of what to work on next and

helps me move the needle forward on my next project.

~Jen Howatt,
Founder of Women in Ministry United 
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Amber Davis is one of the most encouraging women I have ever encountered.

In her book FLIGHT, her encouraging heart shines through as she helps you discover systematic ways to

set and reach your goals for any dream you may have.

~Marissa Baker,
Teacher and entrepreneur 
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Meeting with Amber weekly and working through FLIGHT truly helped me hone in on my God-given gifts.

Focusing more on my God-given gifts is helping me to fulfill God’s plan for my life. 

~Rachel Pope,
Health and Wellness entrepreneur 

Hello, I am Amber


I was an ambitious coporate planner who fell short of being fulfilled until I learned how to plan in a way that keeps God and family top priority! 

I did not always balance my Christian life with my work until God taught me a simple truth about planning...


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